HR Tips for Improving Company Culture

Improve the Workplace, Increase the Productivity

Many companies are known for their company culture. Take Google for example. A positive company culture is one of those elusive things that your HR head works on.

Company culture is not written in the company’s employee manual or any of your company documents. It is also not all about tangible benefits and policies, such as the framed company mission-vision statement or the PlayStation in your employee lounge. So what does it mean?

What is Company Culture?

In the simplest of terms, company culture is known as how things are done in your company. It refers to the collective values of your employees, the accepted norms, and the beliefs of the organization as a whole.

What Makes a Positive and Attractive Company Culture?

Your company’s culture can make or break your company. A positive company culture is an environment where the company genuinely supports the well-being of each employee. Your hourly workers should feel that he is valued as an individual and he is not considered as an expendable element of your organization. Your culture shapes how your hourly workers’ behavior and dedication to the company.

Here are ways to align your culture to your employees’ well-being.

1.    Create an environment of trust.

Trust is a complex thing, it cannot be forced and demanded from your hourly workers. You can however foster trust by encouraging them to make their own wellbeing their top priority! Encourage them to use their employee benefits. Be transparent and honest with them. You can gain trust by allowing them to actually work on making themselves well and better.

2.    Incorporate your employees’ well-being into your policies and programs.

Give your hourly workers the tools and resources to take care of their selves. Add paid vacation time to their employee benefits to encourage them to take a well-deserved break. Put up onsite wellness and fitness events. Provide self-development training.

3.    Value the individual aspect of each person: physical, emotional, and work.

When you acknowledge that each aspect of your hourly worker’s life affects them as a whole, it allows you to value their well-being. Create programs and policies that can address and support each of this aspect. By doing this, you are encouraging them to be themselves.

4.    Incorporate your mission and values.

Create tangible programs that connect your company’s values, mission-vision, and business to your employees’ well-being.

5.    Evaluate your company’s culture.

To be able to make improvements, you must first assess where your company stands. Recognize your company culture’s strengths and weaknesses. What stops your company from achieving a positive culture?

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