Doing Business with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Government Contracting Tips with the US NRC

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) also engages in government contracting to support its regulatory programs. It avails products and services from government contractors in accordance with the NRC Acquisition Regulation (Chapter 20) and the Federal Acquisition Regulation (Chapter 1). The following government contracting tips should be noted when doing business with the NRC.

Actively search for government contracting opportunities given by the NRC

The NRC publishes planned contracts with an estimated value beyond $25,000 in the Forecast of Contract Opportunities annually. A small business should review this document to identify if there are any products or services they can offer.

Government contracting can also be done through micro-purchases

Micro-purchases are worth less than $3,000. These government contracting opportunities are not mandated to be given to a small business. Competitive bidding is not required which means you will have a higher chance of getting an award. On the other hand, purchases having an amount between $10,000 and $25,000 are reserved for small businesses. Streamlined contracting procedures are employed for this type of transactions.

Register your small business at the GSA Federal Supply Service (FSS)

The FSS, together with GSA GWACS, GSA Advantage and other multiple award contracts are utilized by the NRC to meet their needs. Government contractors are encouraged to have their businesses registered here.

Ensure that the information submitted to NRC is accurate

The Central Contract Registration (CCR) is the primary registrant database of the US Federal Government. It compiles, stores, validates and distributes contractor data. Review the CCR Registration Policy to know which type of information should be submitted.

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A lot of opportunities are available for government contractors. However, this is not just a matter of securing a contract as well. A small business is required to comply with the regulations once the contract has been carried out. This includes providing the right type and amount of compensation to the workers involved in the contract.

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