Wage determinations for prevailing wage contractors

Wage Determinations for Prevailing Wage Contractors


Whether bidding on a new contract or fulfilling an existing one, it is critical for government contractors to be up-to-date with the department of labor’s most current wage determinations. With the DOL’s recent launch of its new beta.sam.gov website the process for searching or requesting wage determinations is actively evolving. As such here is a concise, helpful overview of how their system works currently.

Searching Existing Wage Determinations
Visit https://beta.sam.gov and use the search drop-down menu (to the left of the search field) and select “wage determinations” Leave the field blank and click “search.” This will route you to the wage determinations listings page (for both Davis Bacon and Service Contract Act determinations) Now scroll to down and on the bottom left of the page you will see a list of search filters to help you find the specific determinations you need.

You may narrow your search by:
– contract type (Davis Bacon or Service Contract)
– location
– work/project type

You may find recently revised Davis Bacon Wage determinations here:

Requesting a New Wage Determination
The process for requesting a new wage determination is different depending upon whether yours is a service or construction contract. The most current information on both is available here: https://sam.gov/sam/transcript/beta/Beta.SAM.Gov_QuickStartGuide-WDOL2.pdf

Service Contract Act
For Service Contract Act projects you may use DOL’s online form available here: https://www.dol.gov/whd/govcontracts/sca/sf98/index.asp

Davis Bacon Act
For Davis Bacon Act projects visit https://www.dol.gov/whd/programs/dbra/sf308.htm
Download and complete the form. Note the wage determination will be valid only for 180 days unless an extension is requested.

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