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We will always give 100% of ourselves, including our best ideas and insights to save our clients money and make their job easier. 

Under the ARCHER JORDAN umbrella are a national prevailing wage consultancy, employee benefits agency, General Insurance Agency, GA, Third Party Administrator, and a Technology company, providing brokerage, custom insurance products, financial services, and precision-built technology solutions. Our firm helps companies transform risk into opportunity. As the co-architects of our client's health and retirement plans, we design and deliver solutions that manage risk, optimize benefits, cultivate talent, and expand the dynamic of human capital, to protect and strengthen both companies and their employees. Our passion for excellence, heightens our perspective, showing us a clear path forward for our clients, brokers, corporations, and their employees. Our dedication to service frees us from mediocrity, the enemy of us all.


Our Strengths









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We are a dedicated group of experienced financial and risk management professionals.

  • We don't staff entry level positions.
  • Our account management, administrative and customer service positions are held by seasoned industry professionals. 
  • The majority of our clients are government contractors and American corporations with large workforces being paid hourly wages. 
  • Importantly, we don't cut corners, ever, and always custom tailor benefit plans for our client's unique needs.
  • Our promise is that we will always give 100% of ourselves, including our best ideas and insights to save our clients money and make their job easier. 


James Jordan

James F. Jordan

President / CEO

With 30 plus years of broad business and professional services experience, including Fortune 100 companies, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch, James brings a fearless style of leadership and sustainable business thinking to the benefits and human capital management industry, one that provides innovative and highly personalized solutions.  Seeing the poor service levels with most vendors serving the government contracting world, he founded ARCHER JORDAN and Arrow Administrative Services, to realize his vision of delivering simplicity to this complex area of employee benefits.

A fourth generation Californian, with deep family and business roots in both the Lone Star State (Texas) and Virginia, James believes in the strength of a family's legacy, and tradition. Both his father and grandfather were baptist ministers, with James inheriting a corresponding Jordan trait, a sort of evangelical zeal toward his day to day endeavors, or you might say, a sunny disposition toward life and the desire to help others. 

With many passionate interests, James places God, family, and country first. He is an avid outdoorsman, loves to cook, and is a professional writer and speaker, who says caring family values and strong community and business relationships are his unique formula for success.


Our Mission


We Believe:


That clients are desperate for something beyond the transactional, a mercenary approach that defines most consulting firms today. The human element: personal, attentive, and empathetic, is mostly lost on the large national agencies.

That endless resources and countless bodies, do not create a superior consulting firm; without emotionally smart people delivering personalized products and services a consultancy is doomed to mediocrity.


That by incorporating better technology solutions than the other guys, maintaining a lean and highly qualified staff—relationship savvy and outcome driven—and by having access to outsourced expertise when necessary, the constraints that exist with large corporate consulting firms are non-existent with Archer Jordan. We do not have a “B” or “C” team to stick you with after the—laser-light show is over—we only have the “A” team.

That the success and happiness of our clients is and will always be #1

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