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Since 2012, health insurance and P&C brokers like you, have trusted ARCHER JORDAN General Agency, to provide their prevailing wage contractor and hourly workforce clientele, with precision-built solutions. Because of our leadership, we have REIMAGINED the definition of what a prevailing wage benefits program should look like, and added a user experience component that will keep your clients, your clients for many years to come.

Through a partnership with ARCHER JORDAN, you have access to the most dynamic 21st century insurance sales tools and support in the marketplace. Our proprietary CRM system, BULLSEYE, coordinates with our email marketing campaigns, and, if you qualify, we provide you with the freshest leads available, data-mined from US government sites. Our leads are qualified by showing contractors that are currently working on a single contract with over $1M in value. Our strategy gives you a competitive edge, allowing you to deliver the most competitive insurance products, retirement plans, technology, and unassailable service, to suit your client’s unique requirements.

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As a General Agency, we evolved beyond merely tapping outside TPAs for product design and support, understanding no one else would have the same investment in our success and that of our clients as we would. In 2015, we created Arrow Administrative Services, our in-house third party administrator, as the custom shop for our product creation and administration.

With our broker partners highly specialized clientele, prevailing wage contractors and corporations with hourly workforces, we can now review the needs of each employer group, while strategizing how to design a benefits program to achieve the ideal fit, to suit the needs of each corporation. Many of these groups have a mix of seasonal, part-time, and full-time hourly employees. Creating plans to accommodate these type of groups, and administering them, is an area of expertise we possess.


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As ARCHER JORDAN continues to grow, our need to control the quality and user experience for our clients becomes that much more important. Our sister companies, Arrow Administrative Services, and our technology company, Arrow Cloud Systems, go to great lengths to make sure you and your clients aren't sidelined with the endless details that go into administering a prevailing wage fringe benefits program. We've created smarter technology and more intuitive processes than our competitors, to make sure your client's time is spent where it should be, running their business.

Our development of Arrow Cloud HRM 3.0, our human capital management and record-keeping system, along with BULLSEYE, our producer marketing platform, give us two proprietary data management systems that eclipse anything the competition has dreamed of developing.

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