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Our Mission

To make you look good

As an employer providing your employees with bona fide fringe benefits, instead of paying cash,  looking out for more than just himself. Sure, he'll save 20%-25% on his payroll taxes, workers compensation and general liability insurance. But take a minute to consider this, what that means is he'll be able to be more competitive on his next bid, and provide you with more work, typically higher paying jobs at that! 

Another fact about your employer providing you with fringe benefits instead of cash, is that he is helping you, help yourself in safeguarding against the future. A solid Retirement plan can make all for the difference for you and your family, our SUB plans are essentially a saving plan for times when work has either slowed down, and gone away. Medical plans protect you and your family when unexpected accidents or illness arise. 

Bona fide benefits are nothing to sneeze at!

Prevailing Wage Consulting



RFP's demand your expertise and experience to bid competitively. We make sure you have all the right answers.



As a prevailing wage contractor, your most valued assets are your contracts. We make sure they are armor-plated.



When an audit happens, ARCHER JORDAN has your back. We provide the ammunition to give you cover.



We are in business to make money. The more you make, the more we make. Let us help you continue to succeed.

Consulting Services Offered

RFP, Audit, & Contract Maintenance

ARCHER JORDAN was born out of a desire to provide our clients with world class consulting, precision-built products, intuitive technology, and a service model that could only be compared to the finest "5 Star" resorts.

When you hire ARCHER JORDAN, you have the most comprehensive prevailing wage platform anywhere. We do not up-charge fro any of our consulting services.

Our consulting services begin with, RFP, Audit, and Contract Maintenance. Need accounting support. we have you covered. When it comes to prevailing wage, no one has us beat.



Fast response times

At ARCHER JORDAN, our job is to provide you with great benefits, and to accurately administer those benefits on your behalf. At the end of the day, if you're happy, your employer will be happy with us. So, providing you with an exceptional user experience is our top priority. Period. 

Our employee portal, ARROW HRM 3.0, has a "Suggestion Box", where we'd love to hear feedback on how we can improve your benefits experience. Drop us a note, we'll be sure to get back to you.

Please call us to discuss any questions you may have concerning your benefits. Be sure when visiting your profile on your benefits portal, you down load your benefit summaries and take the time to read through them. Understanding your benefits does require a little effort on your part. Sort of like buying a new electronics device or new car, the owners manual is a great place to start.

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