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ARROW Contractors TrusT 


At ARCHER JORDAN, our Arrow Contractors Trust program exists to safeguard your business. We simplify the complicated process involved in complying with the Davis-Bacon and the McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Act. Let us help you protect your contracts, save money and reduce your expenses, while providing your workers with substantive health and retirement plans to protect their future, and yours.

Trust is hard to come by now-a-days. Earning your trust is our business.


Construction Contractors

Competition for prevailing wage jobs is tough. One of the greatest challenges for open shop government contractors is managing the paperwork and bookkeeping around compliance, healthcare reform, fringe benefits and taxes. From Davis-Bacon, state prevailing wage and local prevailing wage laws, to the Affordable Care Act, the rules and regulations are countless—and rarely definite. You wouldn't be the first prevailing wage contractor concerned with compliance.

Service Contractors

Compliance with federal, state and local regulations is a serious concern for government contractors. Arrow Contractors Trust by ARCHER JORDAN, ensures that our clients save money on their payroll taxes and provide meaningful benefits to their employees, while remaining in compliance with the Department of Labor and the Department of Health and Human Services, which in turn allows them to maintain a consistent workforce, focus on getting their job done, build their business' and relieve themselves of unnecessary worry.


Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Contractors

ARCHER JORDAN understands and values the SDVOSB Government Contractor.  We have tools and programs that are designed to assist the SDVOSB owner to be more competitive and compliant, and therefore win more contracts.  Allow us to help you build a program tailored to your specific needs.

Out-of-country Contractors

ARCHER JORDAN offers global solutions that provide comprehensive and compliant international healthcare plans for employees who travel or work internationally. We ensure the confidence that our members can access quality care wherever and whenever they need it through the strongest global networks, exceptional service and world class healthcare.


The Basics

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The Detail

Trust Services

Trust Services

"An employer may discharge his/her obligation to provide SCA fringe benefits by paying the specified fringe benefit contributions to an trustee or third person pursuant to a “bona fide” fund, plan, or trust on behalf of covered employees. Examples are life or health insurance, pension plan or retirement plans. 29 C.F.R. §§ 4.170 and 4.171." - The DOL Compliance Manual

To whom you entrust the fringe contribution dollars of your company defines you as a contractor. Which means you should choose a trustee with the experience and integrity to effectively manage and secure your workers health and future.

For trust services, choose ARCHER JORDAN. As your trust sponsor, and named plan administrator", our 3(16) fiduciary service removes the liability for the day to day running of your plan from your organization. Our trust partner, one of the nation's largest custodians of retirement plan deposits, acts as discretionary trustee of all fringe dollars. This is the highest level of fiduciary service available from a trust bank, along with providing 3(38) investment management services, to assist you with your plan's fund lineup, and manage their investment. We will design and administer your plan, while ensuring your compliance with the SCA, Davis-Bacon Act, and other related laws in your state is met.



Doing business with the federal government is fraught with compliance challenges. As a Service or Construction Contractor, the way you deal with those compliance issues can make or break your business. You've heard the nightmares of contractors being debarred for failing to handle their fringe contributions properly. Working with us, takes away the stress and worry that you might miss something that could come back to haunt you.

At ARCHER JORDAN, we have you covered, from our multi-layered trust arrangements, removing you for all intents and purposes from having any fiduciary responsibility for your health and welfare plan, our proprietary record-keeping system, to audit support. We even work on our clients RFPs, giving them an advantage over the competition, by making our compliance and legal team an integral part of their bid responses. We've got you covered!



Bonafide prevailing wage plans have several components, whether we're designing a program for a service contractor or a construction contractor. Having a well constructed fringe benefits program requires a health plan appropriately designed for the organizational specifics of each contractor. Pre-packaged plans fall short. Which is what you will find in the marketplace.  Our Arrow Contractors Trust program is designed to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Our plans include: major medical,  limited medical, minimum essential coverage, dental/vision, short-term disability, term life, and many supplemental and specialty benefit plans



Employers make a significant investment in time and expense in order to provide their employees a quality retirement program.  In addition, there have been significant changes in the regulatory environment in recent years.  These changes have created challenges and risks for individuals responsible for managing the company’s retirement plan. 

The Arrow Contractors Trust features specialized retirement plans that meet the strict requirements of the IRS regulations, ERISA regulations, and the compliance standards for prevailing wage retirement plans.  Our Arrow Contractors Trust encompasses the following named fiduciaries.

  • 3(16)/402(a) Named Plan Administrator – responsible for the management of the plan including signing the 5500
  • 403(a) Discretionary Trustee/3(38) investment manager – responsible for managing the provisions of the trust and the selection and monitoring of the plan’s core investment options

As a result, prevailing wage contractors, of all types, have entrusted ARCHER JORDAN to assist them in mitigating as much of the risk and responsibility of sponsoring a retirement plan allowed by the and IRS and DOL regulations.    

SUB Plan

SUB Plan

Our Arrow SUB Plan, supplemental unemployment benefit plan, is a bonafide fringe benefit according to the DOL, and allows government contractors to receive the same savings on payroll taxes, workers compensation, and general liability insurance as if they had put the fringe contributions into a health or retirement plan. Also, the employees can receive cash in case of a qualifying event such as unemployment, underemployment, holidays, or sickness. 




Administering a bonafide fringe benefit plan requires specialized knowledge and technology not possessed by traditional brokers or plan administrators. Utilizing our proprietary Arrow Cloud HRM 3.0 data management operating system, we keep track to the penny your employees fringe contribution dollars, both toward our retirement or SUB program, as well as our health and welfare benefits plan. At the same time our experienced contractors prevailing wage administration professionals, make sure your benefits plan runs as smoothly as possible.

Transparent fringe benefit management is what clients are looking for, which is why we take care of it ALL. From seamless enrollment and processing to employee support and engagement, our team is dedicated to helping you lower risks and increase profits.



Gather, manage, and instantly access all details connected to your benefit plan through our client-specific HR management system, Arrow Cloud Systems. Whether you have 50 or 500 government contractors, our HR tool makes it a piece of cake to deal with all the info anytime, anywhere you are. 

Improve communication, track employee engagement, and ensure data security and transparency with a reliable HRM system. 

RFP & Audit Support

RFP & Audit Support

At ARCHER JORDAN, we have you covered, from our multi-layered trust arrangements, removing you for all intents and purposes from having any fiduciary responsibility for your health and welfare plan, our proprietary record-keeping system, to audit support. We even work on our clients RFPs, giving them an advantage over the competition, by making our compliance and legal team an integral part of their bid responses. We've got you covered!


The all-in-one solution for prevailing wage contractors


Plan Strategy and design

This is the discovery and planning phase of your  fringe benefits program. It needs to be a win-win for everyone, to protect your company's contracts.


Compliance Oversight

We begin this process during the discovery phase for your plan, and its ongoing. We only know one way to run your plan, accurately and correctly.


Fiduciary Services

The Department of Labor insists on your using a third party trustee. Our discretionary trustee and plan sponsor services place the liability on us.


Investment Management

Prevailing wage retirement plans are complex. Our compliance expertise, open architecture, and customer service focus, is just the beginning. 


Human Resource Integration

We are Human Resource specialists, with the team and tools necessary to handle your most complex HR needs. Total outsourcing or partial. We get it!


Plan Enrollment

Our HRM technology streamlines the enrollment process, and connects the dots between the plan and the plan providers.


Plan Administration

We handle all the in's and out's of running your plan. As quarterback for you and your employees, we make sure you are 100% complaint, and happy!


HRM technology

Our ARROW HRM 3.0 system, gives you and your employees a human resource super engine at your fingertips. And we customize it to fit your needs.



Our record-keeping system is proprietary to prevailing wage contractors, giving you and your employees time sensitive year to date records. 


Hour Banking

Banked hours keep employees’ premiums covered in the event of a work shortage or layoff. It gives your people time to get organized!


Participant Services

Our customer support specialists promptly attend to the questions and concerns of your employees. We support your plan with real answers.


RFP & Audit Support

We're experts at supporting your RFP process. We understand what clients want. While our compliance team can save you in an audit.


Attention to Detail Wins Contracts

Safeguard your existing contracts, win-win-win new business, build confidence with your clients and become a preferred vendor.  Simplify Your Fringe Benefit Administration Today!