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Arrow Contractors Trust

Prevailing wage contractors like you, count on ARCHER JORDAN and our Arrow Contractors Trust platform, to simplify the complicated process of developing and administering bona fide health and welfare programs. We do this through accurate, timely accounting of your fringe contributions, employing subject matter expertise, while always applying proper compliance practices. We do things differently than our competitors, by providing a truly integrated solution to all of your human capital challenges. Period.

Contracting agencies don't want personnel and logistic issues with the contracts they award, work that falls under the Davis Bacon and Service Contract Acts. We'll help safeguard your hard earned contracts, support your RFPs, and partner with you to move your organization toward greater profitability, with our precision-built tools and strategies. Importantly, help you gain the trust of your clients. After all, you need to keep your focus where it pays off, running your business. 

Trust is hard to come by now-a-days. Earning your trust is our business.

If Doing Things the Right Way is How You Operate, We'd Like to Partner With You.

 Arrow Contractors Trust, a program to satisfy Service Contract Act and Davis Bacon Act Compliance - Prevailing Wage Contractors