Workforce Benefits America, a program that provides benefits solutions to hourly and seasonal workforces

Specialty Benefits Custom Built For You

Workforce Benefits America

At ARCHER JORDAN, our Workforce Benefits America program utilizes our TPA platform, and is focused on creating precision-built solutions for you and your people. We don't offer pre-packaged programs. We work directly with insurance underwriters to solve the challenges that are unique to each and every client.

Whether you need an cost effective answer to comply with the guidelines of the Affordable Care Act, for your full, part-time or seasonal employees. Or, maybe your company or industry niche has special requirements such as a constantly changing workforce, or even benefits that are specific to your employees, we can build them.

We don't say no very often. YES, is what you'll likely hear when you describe the requirements for your most valuable asset, your people. Remember, healthy employees are happy and productive employees.

America's Hourly Workforce, Deserves Great Benefits