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   Our Story

Archer Jordan Health (AJH) is proud to announce our expansion in service to Indian Country.

This decision stems from our deep understanding that unique markets and cultures have different needs, which has no solution through the one size fits all Health & Welfare Benefits Plans. Indian Country is diverse in geography, population density, and business needs.  We are prepared to help you find solutions to your challenges.  Our deep-rooted history and values have positioned us to navigate the regulatory intricacies, unlock cost savings, and invest resources into these communities.

Our journey began in the sun-drenched city of Santa Barbara, California, in late 2009. Our founder, James Jordan, was fixated on helping state and federal government contractors simplify and enrich their employee benefits programs. His mission became assisting clients to comply with the intricate regulatory guidelines of numerous state and federal agencies. He also reduced client costs because of his comprehensive knowledge of labor law, financial structuring and accounting, trust banking, and retirement planning. Nearly halfway into our second decade, AJH built a foundation on helping clients remain compliant, reduce costs, and enrich benefits through our proprietary software and integrated Arrow Contractors Trust platform.

Our history, rich with lessons of unity and strife, informs our commitment to community service. James, inspired by his late father, the Reverend Fred Jordan, and mother, Willie Jordan, who founded the Los Angeles-based American Soul Clinic in 1944, believes in the power of earthly healing to pave the way for spiritual enlightenment. Their legacy of building schools, affordable housing, and hospitals and clinics, providing for millions worldwide, continues to be carried forward by James’ siblings.

Through our evolution and listening, we have grown to understand many of the challenges and opportunities within Indian County.  Though our path has evolved, “Our Story” remains anchored in our shared values. We are a team united in our passion for strengthening community wellness, delivering service with respect and reciprocity. Our native partners at AJH bring millennia of tradition and wisdom to our practice. Under Mr. Jordan’s and his partners’ leadership, and by our values, we commit to doing business as it should be done, with respect and reciprocity, and with only one goal in mind, strengthening the community.

In addition, we are dedicated to safeguarding your endeavors, reducing costs, simplifying tasks, and nurturing and caring for your people. We are excited about the opportunity to add value to the work already being done across Indian Country.

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