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Compliant Fringe Benefit Plans for your Federal Contracts. Win more bids, improve retention and recruiting.

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We offer real solutions designed for entities with 100+ employees who desire to provide excellence to employees through:

  • Health & Wellness Benefits
  • Retiement Benefits
  • Complete TPA Services
  • Concierge-level Member-centric Services
  • Multiple-Cost Control & Repricing Services
  • Government Contractor Compliance
  • Benefits Recordkeeping
  • Workforce Mangement Services
  • Payroll Management
  • Technology Services & Development
  • Fully Customizable Plan Services
  • Integration with Existing Healtha Programs
  • Data Sovereignty (Tribes & Tribally Owned Corporations and Nonprofits Own Their Data)

Our Values

We are a company guided by shared values. Those values lead our interactions with each and every one of our clients and prospective clients. Our values are at the core of who we are, where we are from, and how we choose to live.



Trust is at the core of human relationships. It allows foundations to be built. Foundations that can withstand the pressures of time. It invites friendship, progress to be made, and healing. We present ourselves to you and ask for no special treatment. And for the gift of your trust, we bring our best ideas, solutions, and effort.



We care deeply about the health and welfare of the tribes we engage with and serve; specifically, their members and the employees whom they call family. Our entire approach to healthcare is oriented around the wellbeing of the community, as well as the individual member.



Honoring our many relationships, the land, the waters, the animals, and the individual, their gifts, and their contribution is how we view humility. In order to have a healthier and prosperous community, each (member) link in the (community) chain must support the one before and after. It is spiritual, mental, emotional and physical care we know to be essential. As a healthcare/wellness company, we seek complete healing for our tribal partners and their people.



Giving, sharing, and keeping the connections within community is the key to life, success, and for the spiritual healing needed. Caring for each other, whether in our immediate tribe or other tribes, is the universal principle that brings strength and completion to us all.


We Stand True to Who We Are to Better Serve You

Map of Alaska Native Corporations.

Alaska Native Corporations

Our Business Processes and Practices Align and Compliment the Unique Characteristics of Alaska Native Corporations. Our Health and Retirement Plans are Structured to Accommodate:

• Alaska Native Corporations
• Native Non-Profits
• Tribes


75% of Our Leadership Team are Enrolled Tribal Members

When Archer Jordan decided to expand our services to AI/AN, American Indian, and Alaskan Native communities and businesses, we knew we had to have a community-driven leadership model to succeed. Our goal has been to build a healthcare model serving Indian Country that would eventually be fully owned by Indian Country.

Stronger through Community

Archer Jordan Health partners with the biggest names in the self-funding world to deliver value to our clients. Our community is dedicated to caring for your community.

Traditional Group Health Marketplace

Traditional Group Health Marketplace

The truth about the healthcare marketplace today is the BUCAH’s, (Blue Cross/Shield, United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, and Humana) publicly traded insurance carriers not aligned with your needs, and the largest Brokerage Firms, have rigged the healthcare system to serve themselves. Even the largest corporations rarely outmaneuver them.

The Value Based Pricing Model

The Value Based Pricing Model

(Pay a Fair Price For the Services You Need)

Did you know hospitals have a charge master that lists every possible service provided? The pricing starts at around 300% of Medicare. Value based pricing make sure each claim on your group is adjudicated and negotiated at or near Medicare rates. It’s a community model approach to the never-ending rate increases, dramatically lowering premiums.

HR Consulting Services
for Tribal Nations

• Compensation Studies & Strategic Support
• HR Support & Compliance
• Organizational Development & Culture: Initatives & Assessments
• Performance Management & HR Process Improvement
• Self-Governance & Self-Determination Transition Support


A Better Way

Although newcomers to Alaska we are leaders in our field, as arguably the best third party administrators to provide DOL bona fide and IRS approved group health plans to the government contracting community. Archer Jordan is committed to bringing the fiduciary outsourcing programs to Alaska Native Corporations and their 8(a) contracting subsidiaries, shareholders and their non-profits.

Our data-driven, member-focused healthcare ecosystem, where we align the interests of member, provider, and payor, is designed to create better health outcomes, sharpen competitive edge, while driving profitability and contract lifecycle excellence.

Better Health Outcomes. Unassailable Contract Compliance. Strategic Savings

Our Commitment to Indian Country


Of our principals / shareholders are AI/AN


AI/AN members, shareholders and their employees supported by our strategic partners


Annual gross revenue invested in our foundation and distributed to AI/AN run non-profits

Our Story

Archer Jordan Health (AJH) is proud to announce our expansion in service to Indian Country.

This decision stems from our deep understanding that unique markets and cultures have different needs, which has no solution through the one size fits all Health & Welfare Benefits Plans. Indian Country is diverse in geography, population density, and business needs.  We are prepared to help you find solutions to your challenges.  Our deep-rooted history and values have positioned us to navigate the regulatory intricacies, unlock cost savings, and invest resources into these communities.

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