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Fractional Human Resources

Receive on-demand expert guidance from certified, senior-level advisors. Put our dedicated team on speed dial to answer your time-sensitive questions on topics like:

  • Employment law compliance
  • Industry best practices
  • Employee relations
  • Process improvement
  • Employee engagement
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HR Project Support

Maximize your HR team’s impact with as-needed project support. Popular projects supported by our experts include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Compensation design
  • Recruiting and onboarding
  • Performance management process design
  • Benefits program design
  • HR surveys
  • HR compliance audits, reporting, affirmative action plans, etc.
  • Investigations
  • Payroll processing

Core Services


Benefits &

  • Health & Welfare
  • Trust Services
  • Investment Management
  • Custodial
  • Record keeping
  • Fiduciary Services


  • Gross-to-net Calculations
  • Tax Filing / Payment
  • Check Printing /
    & Direct Deposits
  • Year-end-processing
  • General Ledger (GL)

Human Resource Management

  • Core HR Management
  • Benefits Administration
  • Recruitment / Talent
  • Onboarding
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Fractional HR support

Workforce Management

  • Time & Attendance
  • Scheduling
  • Accruals Tracking
  • Leave / Absence
  • ACA Management &
  • Attestation Management
  • Data Collection


Archer Jordan’s Payroll System is designed to meet your company’s specific needs, while allowing you to modify workflows and settings as needed.

Flexible Streamlined Payroll

Our system offers you:
  • Custom earnings and deductions types
  • Custom payroll approval workflow
  • Cost Centers for GL mapping and reporting
  • Able to accommodate multiple payroll schedules, multiple pay rates, off-cycle payrolls and most other special payroll requirements
  • Multi-state and federal tax filing.

A Better Employee Experience

Keep employees engaged with user-friendly, accurate payroll that includes:
  • Employee self-service to update direct deposit and tax info
  • Employee online access to view their pay statements and W2s online or via the mobile app
  • Reduced errors via employee and manager reminders and built-in error detection alerts for payroll admins

Federal Contract Compliance Reporting

Built for government contractors, our robust Payroll system includes:

  • Certified Payroll
  • Davis-Bacon Act, payroll compliance and reporting support.

Benefits & Insurance

As your benefits broker, we provide a better benefits journey
for your team with built in:


  • Workflows for enrollments, terminations and QLEs
  • Plan Documents and enrollment guides
  • Competitive benefits pricing and hands-on support
  • Impressive fringe benefits

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Benefits & Insurance

The Arrow Care Experience

  • 40 years experience with over 200,000 covered members
  • Fully integrated Internal cost containment strategies for long term pricing control
  • $0 Deductible and $0 Out of Pocket Max available for enrolled subscribers
  • Low Physician & Prescription Costs to Health Plan subscribers
  • Premium Savings on average 15-25%
  • National PPO Network Coverage
  • A Rated Carrier
  • Oversight of the United States largest Native American Tribe health care plan
  • 340 B Pricing
  • Medicare Pricing

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Technology Platform

Creating meaningful and connected work experiences for all people.

Our comprehensive solution allows you to:

  • Manage the entire employee life-cycle
  • Meet your business’s unique people-related needs
  • Improve efficiencies and decrease
    administrative overhead
  • Quickly adapt to changing business needs
  • Access essential compliance resources
  • Effectively communicate with your
    entire workforce
  • Keep your employee’s personal identifying information and data secure
  • Fully control access levels and role-based permissions
  • Set up, configure, modify, and manage multiple benefit plan types – quickly and easily
  • View real time employee eligibility, enrollment, status and costs.


No more drowning in paperwork! Let Arrow Smart HR do the compliance
heavy-lifting for you with:

  • ACA tracking and reporting
    • Monthly tracking of variable hour employees
      and eligibility updates
    • IRS form preparation and filing
  • Leave Administration (e.g. FMLA)
  • ERISA support with SPD, Section 125 Plan Docs and Employee Notices
  • COBRA Administration, including all required notices
  • On-demand employee relations support

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Payroll Processing is No Longer a Headache

Arrow smart HR’s full payroll preview puts you in control of your own payroll processing, alerting you to potential errors before you process. Arrow is the transformational payroll services solution you’ve been looking for, backed by expert services when needed.

HCM Tools that Improve Efficiency and Accuracy

Manage and strengthen your talent with highly configurable reporting and multi-level performance management capabilities, easily pull compliance reports or perform multi-level performance reviews (peer-to-peer, direct reports, etc.). Arrow People Cloud technology is the answer for all your HCM needs

Benefits Enrollment is Easy and Organized

Benefits have never been so easy! Set up your benefit plans once, driving enrollment and deductions throughout the system. In addition, Arrow connects with carriers to ensure all life events are property communicated to the carrier — on time.

Robust Time Tracking Capabilities Are Built In

Arrow smart HR enables you to collect, manage and process time to more effectively manage your employee time and attendance data. Move beyond outdated time sheets and attendance with proficiency. Arrow Time also includes the option to calculate comp time in lieu of overtime pay.

Employee Engagement to Drive Performance

Build connections. Encourage collaboration. Tap into learning management. Unleash innovation. Transform your organization.

Arrow smart HR Expands and Scales With Your Needs

Ensure compliance and streamline your applicant tracking and onboarding. Transform your growing organization with reports and dashboards to improve performance. ROI and design your future

“Transform the way your people
experience their future with you”