Large Group Health Insurance For Alaska Native Corporations

Compliant Fringe Benefit Plans for Your Federal Contracts. Win More Bids, Improve Retention and Recruiting.

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Who We Serve

ARCHER JORDAN Group Health is prepared to serve Alaska Native Corporations. Our business processes and practices align and complement the unique characteristics of Alaska Native Corporations, Tribes, and Tribal Nonprofits. Our goal is to support your team and organizational structure, while sharing best practices and offering services with a strong Return on Investment. We provide the technology, resources and expert support needed to strengthen your capacity, growth, and financial position. Data Sovereignty is of paramount importance at every level we engage with you, Alaska Native Corporations own all information generated, nothing is shared without consent.

Our willingness to customize services to meet the unique needs of Alaska Native Corporations is only rivaled by our long-term desire of friendship and economic success within these communities

We offer real solutions designed for entities with 100+ employees who desire to provide excellence to employees through:

  • Health & Wellness Benefits
  • Retiement Benefits
  • Complete TPA Services
  • Concierge-level Member-centric Services
  • Multiple-Cost Control & Repricing Services
  • Government Contractor Compliance
  • Benefits Recordkeeping
  • Workforce Mangement Services
  • Payroll Management
  • Technology Services & Development
  • Fully Customizable Plan Services
  • Integration with Existing Healtha Programs
  • Data Sovergeignty (Tribes & Alaska Native Corporations Own Their Data)

Free Consultation

Provide your contact information below, and we’ll schedule a quick call to discuss how we can:
  • Ensure Sovereignty Over Your Own Data
  • Maximize Your Cost Savings
  • Provide your Members and Employees with an Exceptional Experience

Map of Alaska Native Corporations.

Alaska Native Corporations

Our Business Processes and Practices Align and Compliment the Unique Characteristics of Alaska Native Corporations, Tribes, and Tribal Non-Profits

A Better Way

Although newcomers to Alaska we are leaders in our field, as arguably the best third party administrators to provide DOL bona fide and IRS approved group health plans to the government contracting community. Archer Jordan is committed to bringing the fiduciary outsourcing programs to Alaska Native Corporations and their 8(a) contracting subsidiaries, shareholders and their non-profits.

Our data-driven, member-focused healthcare ecosystem, where we align the interests of member, provider, and payor, is designed to create better health outcomes, sharpen competitive edge, while driving profitability and contract lifecycle excellence.

Better Health Outcomes. Unassailable Contract Compliance. Strategic Savings

A New and Better Way of Doing Things

With the cost of providing health benefits to tribal members, shareholders, and employees escalating at an alarming rate, it is our belief that the old way of purchasing healthcare, through the BUCAH’s (The large publicly traded healthcare consortiums, Blue Cross/Shield, United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna and Humana) represents a sunk cost with no upside. These large insurers along with large brokerage concerns, healthcare providers, drug companies, ad infinitum, complete a circle of inefficiency and dysfunction. Quality care is no longer the goal, and bill charges are as random as you can imagine from one facility to another. There is no incentive for these actors to change.

We Propose a New and Better Way of Doing Things. Make an Investment in Individual Member Health and Prosperity, with a Return on Investment that Will Continue To Grow

Archer Jordan Health may be new to Alaska, but we are not new at delivering excellence every single day for our self-funded large group health plan clients and their members. Better member health care and outcomes. First year savings of 20%-30% on average, with sustained savings over the long haul. Data driven administrative and AI tools.
Data sovereignty. We have a better way.
Our strategic partners handle some of the largest tribal health plans in the country. One such plan alone has 28,000 monthly members, and their health care investment has given them a $60,000,000 claims fund, retained within their own treasury. This sister company handles all of our cost containment strategies. We may be new, but we came prepared.

Let Us Show You What We Believe is “A Better Way”