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Whether you are just starting out as a prevailing wage contractor or just looking to keep yourself updated, we have compiled these resources about state prevailing wage. Here are the most common questions of prevailing wage contractors and workers to help expand your knowledge!

Prevailing wage in Georgia government projects need to comply with the provisions of the Davis-Bacon Act. A government contractor who fails to do will need to respond to the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division for investigation. Here are some important facts you need to know. For help with fully compliant fringe benefit plans in Georgia please get in-touch via email or give us a call today!

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What Georgia prevailing wage requirements do I need to submit?

Certified payroll reports of the jobs created under the Davis-Bacon Act should be submitted every week. Additional documents may be needed depending on the contracting agency. These will be submitted to the general contractor of the project who will then forward it to the contracting agency. The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) can help you check if you have fulfilled all of the requirements.

Is apprenticeship covered by the Davis-Bacon Act?
No. Requesting for apprentices is not required in Georgia, which means no training fund is available. Apprenticeship programs by contractors are required to follow the regulations set by the apprenticeship committee and must give contributions to the training fund. Wages for apprentices are not part of a wage decision given for a project.
Are increases and special determinations allowed for a Georgia prevailing wage?
Prevailing wages that are covered by the Davis-Bacon Act don’t have pre-determined increases. This means that these are fixed for the entire duration of the project. The awarding body in Georgia may request for a special determination for a specific job in a project which may have pre-determined increases. The process to get approval may take at least 30 days.
What do I need to do if I want to request for special prevailing wage determination for a project?
You need to submit SF1444 which is a request to authorize additional classification and rate to the agency or contracting officer of the project. The agency will then fill out the Standard Form 308 (SF-308) and submit it to the Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor in Washington DC. The decisions released are intended for a specific project only and will be valid for a period of 180 days. If a project decision is not utilized within its date of effectivity, it is already void.
I have already requested for a special prevailing wage determination. What’s next?
Allot some time to check the wage and fringe benefit rates that are indicated in the general Davis-Bacon decision for prevailing wage contractors. You need to make sure that the amount you pay to workers is not lower than the wage for a specialized trade that closely resembles the job of your worker.
How do I know the wage determination for a specific job?
The federal government sets the rate for prevailing wages in Georgia. Such determinations are based on the hourly rate of prevailing wage contractors who are situated in the area or has a similar type of work, classification or craft.
All of the prevailing wages determined by the government are posted in the website of the US Government printing office. However, the information may be different from the wage decision that is included in the bid documents for a project. Inform the awarding body or contracting agency if you cannot find it.


Inspectors normally conduct audits, interviews or on-site inspections to check a contractor’s compliance to the Davis-Bacon Act. HUD-financed jobs are governed by the Housing and Urban Development Unit in Atlanta.
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