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Whether you are just starting out as a prevailing wage contractor or just looking to keep yourself updated, we have compiled these resources about state prevailing wage. Here are the most common questions of prevailing wage contractors and workers to help expand your knowledge!

Since Mississippi does not have a local prevailing wage law, every public works project contracted by the state will be governed by the rules set by the federal Davis-Bacon Act. The enforcement and operationalization of the Davis-Bacon Act will be administered by the Department of Labor and the contracting agency. Prevailing wage contractors are expected to meet its rules and regulations, or risk facing fines and penalties.
To know more about Mississippi Prevailing Wage, here are some of the frequently asked questions by prevailing wage contractors. For help with fully compliant fringe benefit plans in Mississippi please get in-touch via email or give us a call today!

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Where can I find information about Prevailing Wage in Mississippi?
The latest Mississippi prevailing wage rates can be found at Wage Determinations Online, published by the US Government Printing. To ensure that you are using the most accurate wage rate, always cross-check the rates at your bid specifications with the most recent Mississippi prevailing wage rates.
What are the required paperwork for Mississippi Prevailing Wage?
A certified payroll report must be filed and completed weekly for all prevailing wage jobs. This will be files by the sub-contractor to their general contractor, who will then submit it to the contracting agency. To know if additional requirements are needed, check with the contracting agency to see if they require anything apart from the certified payroll report.
What are the rules in Mississippi for apprentice wage rates?
There are no state apprenticeship regulations, general training fund, or request for apprenticeship requirements in the state of Mississippi. However, prevailing wage contractors with apprenticeship contracts affiliated with specific apprenticeship committees must abide by the committee’s regulations and donate to their training fund. These apprenticeship wages under the Davis-Bacon Act are not part of the wage decision.
How does the process of requesting special prevailing wage determinations work?
Requests for special prevailing wage determinations in Mississippi must be requested by the contracting officer or agency from the federal Wage and Hour Division. To request for a special prevailing wage determination, the agency must complete a Request for Determination and Response to Request form (SF-308) and send it to the Wage and Hour Division in Washington D.C. These rates are can be used at the project of request only, and are effective for 180 days.
Will there be special determinations or increases that might affect my public works project?
Generally, there are no pre-determined increases for prevailing wage determinations in Mississippi. However, if you request special prevailing wage determinations, it could contain pre-determined increases. The special determinations can only be applied to your specific Davis-Bacon job, and will be provided by the contracting agency or awarding body to prevailing wage contractors. The processing for special determinations will take at least 30 days.
Where can the determinations for prevailing wage jobs in Mississippi be found?
Wage determinations can be found within the bid documents given by the contracting agency or awarding body. These rates are provided by the Department of Labor, and are determined by the hourly rate paid on projects to a majority of workers on the same trade within a particular location.


Prevailing wage contractors must comply with the rules and regulations set by the Department of Labor in conjunction with the Davis-Bacon Act. Contracting agencies will hire inspectors for auditing and compliance inspections, and will forward concerns to the Department of Labor.
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